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Inhibited Propylene Glycol

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Inhibited propylene glycol is used in chillers, glycol systems, boiler systems, solar panels, and many other water systems that require freeze protection or improved heat transfer.  Our corrosion inhibitor is a all organic inhibitor designed to protect all common metals in water systems. Just dilute with water to your required freeze protection temperature.

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What is Inhibited Propylene Glycol?

Inhibited Propylene Glycol is sometimes called Inhibited Glycol, corrosion inhibited glycol, or IPG. Inhibited refers to the corrosion inhibitor that is blend with the propylene glycol. This corrosion inhibitor protects the water system's metal from corrosion.

When to use Inhibited Propylene Glycol?
If your water system requires corrosion protection, you may consider using a corrosion inhibited Propylene Glycol product. This will prolong the life of your water system.

What is the difference between Inhibited Propylene Glycol and Inhibited Ethylene Glycol?
A lot. These are two completely different chemicals. Ethylene Glycol is consider more toxic and there has been a push to replace out Ethylene Glycol with Propylene Glycol. Do not use Ethylene Glycol in Food and Beverage plants.

What to do if you have Ethylene Glycol in your system?
If you are a food and beverage plant, you must remove this chemical from your system. There are many recycling facilities throughout the country that can haul it off.

What is the freeze temperature of Propylene Glycol?
Dilutions of Propylene Glycol are commonly blended at 40% Propylene Glycol and 60% water and inhibitor. Some solar companies have recommend a 50/50 blend, while dairies are using a 20% solution. If you require a freeze protection to 0F use a 40% solution.

Do I need a corrosion inhibitor?
If you require corrosion protection in your water system, you should consider using a corrosion inhibitor to protect against corrosion. If you have a all stainless steel system, there is no need for a corrosion inhibitor.

What shall I do if I consume inhibited propylene glycol?
Always obtain a Propylene Glycol MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) prior to using your glycol. If your system contains Propylene Glycol obtain the actual MSDS and become familiar with it. It will have all the information regards to safety on it.

Can I use Inhibited Propylene Glycol as Boiler Antifreeze?
Yes, Inhibited Glycol is commonly used as a Boiler Antifreeze in outdoor wood boilers, mobile home boiler systems, and externally located boilers. Purchase 95% solution and mix the product to 30 to 40% solution. this is the ideal way to purchase boiler antifreeze.

What is the life of Propylene Glycol?
It depends on how rough the operations are. Some people choose to replace out there glycol systems yearly, while other will keep it for 10 plus years. You can always send a sample out for analysis.

What is Glycol Refractometer?
A glycol refractometer may be used to check the fluids freeze point temperature. The device it easy to use. Just add a drop of the solution to the device and hold up to light.

Why Propylene Glycol mixture is Green, Red, Clear, etc?
Some Industrial grades of Propylene Glycol contain industrial fluorescences. This is an easy way to identify that the fluid is not water, instead is a mixture of Glycol and Water. Different fluorescences of glycol are propylene glycol are out in the market.

Can I use a Corrosion Inhibited Glycol in a Food and Beverage plant?
Yes, you must used an approved NSF or Corrosion Inhibited Glycol that is certified for use in Food and Beverage plants.

Can we purchase diluted glycol (30% or 40% solutions)?
Yes, at ChemWorld we are a propylene glycol distributor and sell direct to all users.

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